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About Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon fights against breast cancer and is active on three fronts: prevention, detection and psychosocial care.

Pink Ribbon's mission is to reduce breast cancer and its consequences by encouraging prevention and early detection on the one hand, and by working to improve the quality of life of people and their environment faced with this disease during and after treatment on the other hand.

Our objectives are threefold:

1) Firstly, Pink Ribbon wants to increase the visibility and knowledge of breast cancer.

2) It also wants to promote dialogue, reduce anxiety and feelings of loneliness, and break taboos by encouraging certain behaviours and attitudes.

3) Finally, Pink Ribbon aims to support concrete projects that improve the well-being and quality of life of women and men confronted with breast cancer and their environment.

Pink Ribbon is aimed at all people who may be affected by breast cancer: patients and ex-patients, those close to them, healthcare professionals and as many women and men as possible.

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